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Prague in late Winter

It's a bit gray out, somewhat blustery winds, occassional rain, Wednesday it is supposed to snow a little bit. Low of 7C, high of 12C this week. I forgot to check the weather until I got to the San Francisco airport, and realized that a hat and gloves would have been wise. But I'm quite fine with just my long scarf and heavy leather coat, and an umbrella in case Batman attacks me.

It's just beautiful here. I was nervous the whole way over, the London Heathrow layover was horrible, and then especially when I had a four hour delay in Frankfurt because of snowstorms somewhere in Europe. The plane landed in Prague so late that by the time I got to my hotel, I had only 20 minutes to spare before the metros stopped running.

Not being at work this week is going to be wonderful. I truly hate my job, and have been extremely frustrated by two other job offers falling apart on me. I'm just totally checked out and waiting for another job offer to not fall apart on me. I did take some of my more interesting work with me, and by that will be getting paid for the week at the IETF conference :-)
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