Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Dinner and the second week at the new job

All's well, lots of fun people to talk to, really interesting work to do. I forgot how much I like writing web services! :-) In addition to the bombtacular Caltrain commute, I've started riding my bike to the train station and getting some real, actual exercise!

Back on Monday night I went out to dinner with one of my former coworkers from Decru. She lives up in the Cow Hollow area. I had thought, "Oh cool, I'll just ride my bike there!" and that was alright until about Monday afternoon when I realized, "Oh shit, there's hills in this here town!"

So I found a topographic map site and mapped out a reasonably flat route: leave the office heading north, crossing market street and up to Columbus Ave., go up Columbus to Fort Mason and skirt along the fort until Van Ness, go south on Van Ness about five blocks, turn right, and there her street was. Mostly flat, a few little hills, nothing I couldn't peddle right over.

Had a nice dinner at a Thai place in Pac Heights, chit chatted a few hours, then I headed back to the train station in time to catch the midnight train home. Took a pretty dumb route straight down Van Ness, smack dab through the Tenderloin, and back to SoMa and the Caltrain.

Oh and I had yummy leftovers to eat at work on Tuesday and Wednesday :-)

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