Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Lunch in SoMa

So it's official: lots of awesome people work in San Francisco, and SoMa is a great place for lunch.

Yesterday I got lunch with Phil's brother Jon, who works around the corner from me on Brannan Street for BabyCenter as a sysadmin. I tried to hire him, he tried to hire me. Ate at the Brickhouse Cafe on Brannan.

Today I got lunch with mackenzie at Chipotle on New Montgomery. She's interested in working at my place, but would really prefer something in the East Bay. Definitely going to get her some more details about the open positions here. (Did I mention that we're hiring and that I love working here? (values of 'we' and 'here' defined previously for those on the friends list.))

Next week I have tentative lunch plans with K. the Caltrain cutie, and I have a couple more people who I know work around here that I need to drag out for lunch. Huzzah! :-)
Tags: friends, lunch
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