Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Too little too early

Go up this morning well before 7am. That's ok, I do that sometimes. But today I jammed out the door and drove to the Redwood City Caltrain station so that I could catch the 7:45am express train and get to work before 9am. Like, 8:20am. I need my car in Redwood City because I'm shuttling my sister between afternoon schools this afternoon, and that where she'll be.

I love cities in the morning. One of these days I want to ride my bike through San Francisco around dawn.

Too little is because I came uber-early so that I'd be sure not to be late for a 9am product release this morning. Two weeks ago I was super late. This morning the release is happening late. Can I please win at some point!?
Tags: caltrain, late, work
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