Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Long day getting longer

It's been a pretty darned long day. Alicia met me at work at 4:30pm yesterday for the company Halloween shindig. Beer, cookies, doggies and babies filled the office. About 5:30 we set off for U-Haul and rented a truck to move the last of the large items from Alicia's apartment. Took us until about 10pm to load the truck, then a drive to the East Bay, and we unloaded and put together her room until 1am. We only woke up the housemates and downstairs neighbor once!

Jumped up at 6:30am and hit the road at 7am so that I could return the truck and ride the T-3rd Muni line from the Paul Street U-Haul in Bayshore up to SoMa to get my ass to work at 9am for a product release. I made it into the office at 9:15, a little disappointed that I'd not managed to catch one Muni earlier and make it in totally on time like I hadn't been moving all night the day before :-P

This evening I'm going to some blogger speaking engagement at the SF JCC. I forgot who, but she's on TypePad, so I'm bringing schwag. Huzzah!
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