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SF Pride 2005

Went up to Pride today with Phil to hang with Chiara and Rockit. One the way there:

  • Got a speeding ticket.

  • Didn't have change for the Muni.

  • Broke my right sandal back.

Phil declared that with three things gone wrong within 30 minutes, the rest of the day would be totally awesome. And indeed it was. But first, I had to fix my sandal back and get correct change for the Muni. So we parked at West Portal (well, I left Phil in my driver's seat standing in a red zone ;-) and I went across the street, one sandal in hand, to a local hardware store. Walked right to the back where the loose nuts bolts were, and made myself a replacement rivet from a #8x3/8" machine screw and a hex cap nut. They were more than a little confused when I plopped my sandal on the checkout counter and asked to borrow a wrench :-D

Met up with Chiara, who was happily drunk, met Rockit, who's really cute but was totally hooked up with some chick she'd met at Pride, and gots lots of awesome free stuff at Pride! Phil, Chiara and I wandered around Pride for a few hours, then took the street car to the Castro to get dinner. I have so much pizza left over! Again! I love pizza :-) Then we took the street car again (same pass! yay!) to West Portal and got tea (for Phil) hot chocolate (for Chiara) and a cappucino (for yours truly).
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