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Class, ugh.

Class today. This is Spinal Tap. Such a funny movie, but so darn slow! Discussion in class is starting to hurt. The teacher really doesn't let people feel comfortable discussing the material in their own words. It's starting to piss me off a lot -- that some instructors will give freeform opportunities for you to fail to meet their specific requirements to not hang yourself. So you end up hanging yourself with your own rope and not theirs. Like maybe that allows them to sleep at night. Bah.

Spent the afternoon helping Sarah to move out of her place. She got stuck with a lot of leftover shit from her housemates who have all moved out already. We dumped the trash around town, brought some useful items to Goodwill, packed up the stuff she wanted to keep in her car, then packed up my car with stuff I'm apparently storing for her former housemate for three months. Not cool. Bah. My house already has negative garage space. You can't see the floor. You can't see the walls. You can't see the ceiling. And it's all organized and labeled, which is just plain scary.

Sarah was nice enough to take me out for an early dinner as thanks for the hours of helping out. We split a bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake at Saturn. Yummm. We kept the conversation off of the hot topics and had a very nice time.
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