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Going to Oregon for the weekend for a wedding, Catholic style. It'll be my first wedding, in fact, so I'll be treyfing it up early. Moment of Zen: eight hours each way with my Grandma!

At least my shoes fit. I totally avoided trying them on till just now. And I'm packing clean underwear. So everything will have to be fine. The hair, though... well, I'll just put some clean underwear over my head.

Oh and both of my computers crashed within a few hours of one another. Booted the laptop back up just enough to make sure it wasn't broke ass and to charge it up prior to hitting the road. It occurs to me I should have put together some mapping software and a GPS. Oops. Suppose I'll just hit the AAA and get some local maps for the destination city. Getting there is easy: I-5. I-5. I-5. More I-5. Curve in I-5. I-5. You get the picture.
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