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Arriving in Oregon

Well the drive up was nice. When I was driving. About six hours into the trip, we're passing through Yreka, California (that's Why-reka, by Mount Shasta, not to be confused with You-reka, on the coast) and my grandmother starts insisting that she get a chance to drive. Ok, it's been smooth sailing thus far, why not? I happened to need some gas, so we stopped off someplace, I filled the tank, and we switched drivers.

It was close to sunset, and near hills, so the light and shadows were alternating on the road and she couldn't tell when or from where the light would hit. The most awful moment, she's in her regular glasses, and suddenly the sun comes straight out from between two hills up ahead and basically she goes blind. In the left lane. I grabbed the wheel and ordered her to step on the gas and to signal right and got us over. We switched back. I stayed in cool-emergency mode, but it wasn't fun.
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